Micrometre Screw Gauge First Year BASIC SCIENCE (PHYSICS)(22102) Practical No.2 MYPRACTICALLY

Micrometre Screw Gauge

 Practical No.2 

How the micrometre screw gauge will help in industrial labour as we all know Inn Industries many times there is a need to measure the thickness diameter of an object with at most precious labels scale is used for this measurement purposes such as parameter like Length breadth and height of blank surfaces but my to measure the dimension of less than 0.1 mm that cannot be measured by all other measuring instruments like Vernier Caliper

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What is the minimum theoretical background of micrometre screw gauge Practical answers have a look at the below micrometre screw gauge experiment concept that was invented by William Gascoigne it is an instrument which consists of two scales that is mainly called as main scan and circular scale that it consists of main scale and circular scale you have to remember.

Parth repeats it is the distance between two consecutive traits of the screw as we all know this group move toward for further or backward through a distance equal to its speech when one complete rotation is available or given to it, therefore, to find out the pH of the screws are given one rotation must be given to it and find out through how much distance it has moved.

The next concept is about list count or else the least count for LC is the smallest measurement at can be done by accurately by using micrometres gauge instrument this is also called as a measuring instrument accurate measuring instrument does least count indicate the degree of accuracy of measurement by that instrument.

All know least count of micrometre screw gauge is 0.1 mm and it is given by which of the screw divided by the number of division on a circular scale.

Micrometre Screw Gauge First Year BASIC SCIENCE

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Micrometre Screw Gauge
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Micrometre Screw Gauge

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