Vernier Caliper Physics Basic Science Practical No.1 First Year FY

First Year FY Basic Science Physics

Practical No.1 Vernier Caliper Practical Answers

Practical No.1 Vernier Calliper Practical Answers

What is the role of vernier calliper in the industry-

How the Vernier calliper will help in industrial measurement advance in industry measurement of inner diameter and Outer diameter right or death of object will almost just accuracy and precious is the prime requirement for the measurement of the object having to dimension less than 1 mm or to measure the dimension of the curved surfaces normal skills cannot be used as it is very small and least such type of such kind of measurement are many possible by using Vernier calliper instrument or micrometre screw gauge in this experiment we are going to show Vernier calliper practical answer with a dimension of an object in centimetres two significant figures

Now latest see the background of the vernier calliper. Vernier calliper is an instrument that is used to measure the dimensions such as inner diameter or outer diameter and height that can be measured and also thickness of object and also be made on list count of the instrument is the smallest measurement that can be taken by using an instrument range of vernier calliper is the maximum measurement at can be taken by using.
Vernier Caliper instrument there are two separate scales on Vernier Caliper main scale and vernier scale this two types of scale are having least count that is also called as list count of vernier calliper

The least count of vernier calliper is given by the value of the smallest division on the main scale divided by the total number of division on the vernier scale.

Practical No.1 Vernier Calliper

Additional Info about Vernier Calliper 
Zero error occurs in the instrument has been due to non-coincidence of zero of main skill with actual 0 of vernier scale with the jaws are closed

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Vernier Calliper

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Vernier Calliper

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Vernier Calliper

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Vernier Calliper

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Vernier Calliper

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