22101 English MSBTE Exam MCQS PDF Download


22101 English Question Bank for Multiple Choice Questions with All Answers

22101 English MSBTE Exam MCQS PDF Download


Program: All Programs of Diploma in Engineering

Program Code:- EE / CO / EJ / CE / ME


Semester:- 1

Course:- English

Course Code:- 22101





1.  What is the meaning of “Comprehend‟?

a.  To think                                              

b. to write something

c. to analyze and understand                       

d. to speak something

Answer: - Option C


2.  Which of the following is the correct full form of the acronym: IIM

a.  Indian Institute of Materials 

b. International Institute of Management

c. Indian Institute of Management 

d. Indo International Management

Answer: - Option C

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3.  Who helped Shiva in paying the fees of his school?

a.  Shivas mother  

b. Uncle Krishna Vedavyasa

c. Shiva‟s sister  

d. Shiva‟s friends

Answer: - Option B


4.  Shiva got Admission for MBA in…..

a.  IIM Calcutta

b.  IIM Banglore

c.  IIM Ahmadabad

d.  IIM Hyderabad

Answer: - Option A


5.  Shiva Kumar‟s father‟s name was:

a.  Nagendra                                                      

b. Manavendra

c. Virendra                                                        

d. Shivendra

Answer: - Option A


6.  Shiva joined IIM Calcutta in the year:

a. 2011                                                            

b. 2013

c. 2012                                                            

d. 2014

Answer: - Option B


7.  Shiva got into an engineering college and chose to engineer.

a.  Electronics 

b. Computer

c. Mechanical 

d. Information and technology

Answer: - Option B


8.  Shiva topped his school in which board?

a.  MSBTE                                               b. ICSE

c. CBSE                                                 d. SSC

Answer: - Option B


9.  Shiva‟s Mother Advised shiva…..

a.  Do Smart work

b.  Enjoy Yourself when you Afford it

c.  Don‟t Study

d.  Enjoy your life Fullest

Answer: - Option B


10.  Shiva‟s Elder Sister‟s name was……….

a.  Manjusha

b.  Yogeshwari

c.  Amruta

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B

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11.  What was Shiva‟s Strategy of study in the free period?

a.  Go to canteen

b.  Gossip

c.  Teach academically weak students

d.  Study in Library

Answer: - Option C


12.  Which Advise Krishna Vedvyasa give to Shiva?

a.  Don‟t take Job at Wipro as Software Engineer go for IIM

b.  Enjoy your life

c.  Don‟t be disturbed with Other

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


13.  Shiva‟s Mother Advised shiva…..

a.  Do Smart work

b.  Enjoy Yourself when you Afford it

c.  Don‟t Study

d.  Enjoy your life Fullest

Answer: - Option B

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1.  It took 19 years to become an overnight success to

a. Shiva 

b. Christiano Ronaldo

c. Mohammed Ali 

d. Lionel Messi. 

Answer: - Option B

Answer: - Option D


2...... was depressed & homesick

a. Mohammed Ali 

b. Usain Bolt

c. Lionel Messi                                         

d. Christiano Ronaldo

Answer: - Option D


3.  What is the meaning of the word 'alleviate'

a.  to make something less strong or bad          

b. to make something strong or bad

c. to make someone less strong or bad 

d. None of above

Answer: - Option C


4.  The world record holder for sprinting is------.

a.  Mohammad Ali 

b. Usain Bolt

c. Ronaldo                                                        

d. Lionel Messi

Answer: - Option B


5.  Which actor said, "Talent is what you got naturally”.

a.  Tom Cruise 

b. Will Smith

c. Leonardo DiCaprio 

d. Tom Hanks

Answer: - Option B


6.  Who is Walter Edward Dandy?

a.  a famous physicist 

b. A famous footballer

c. A famous Neurosurgeon 

d. A famous social worker

Answer: - Option C


7.      Usain Bolt Complete 100 meters in just……

a.  2.58 second

b.  9.80 second

c.  9.58 Second

d. 6.5

Answer: - Option C


8.      Who was one of the three founding father of Neurosurgery?

a.  Walt Whitman

b.  Walter Edward Dandy

c.  Shakil Ahmad

d.  John Kits

Answer: - Option B


9.      Ronaldo‟s Father was a………

a.  A rich businessman

b.  A kitman in a Local football team

c.  Government Emplyee

d.  Public Servent

Answer: - Option B


10.   Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Was............. President of India

a.  10th

b.  12th

c.  11th                 

d.  9th

Answer: - Option C


11.   Having a Dream is half battle win next part is………

a.  Radical Action

b.  Proper Planning

c.  Day dreaming

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


12.   What was Mohammed Ali‟s Replied to Journalist?

a.  I play for Enjoyment

b.  I don‟t count my Sit ups but start counting when it‟s Paining

c.  Sport is enjoyment

d.  None of the Above

Answer: - Option B


13.   In which Family Dr. APJ Abdul kalam was born?

a.  Rich Family

b.  Fisherman‟s Family

c.  Middle class Family

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B


14.   Finally Ronaldo got selected in……

a.  Sporting Lisban

b.  Local Football

c.  American Football Team

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A

15.   Legends are the one who............. with life

a.  Gambled

b.  Enjoy

c.  Underestimate

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


16..... used to distribute newspapers in his younger age.

a. JRD Tata                                                       b. Gurmeetsingh

c. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam                                         d. Walter Edward Dandy

Answer: - Option C  


a. Homi Homi Bhabha                                          b. JRD Tata

c. Nani Palkhivala                                               d. Sumant Moolgaokar

Answer: - Option B


3.  JRD became the fourth chairman in the year:

a. 1904                                                            b. 1939

c. 1938                                                             d. 1993

Answer: - Option C


4.  There was an economist such as...... in JRD's team :

a.  Homi Bhabha                                                 b. Russi Modi

c. D.R.Pendse                                                   d. Sir Homi Modi

Answer: - Option C


5.  What is the meaning of the word 'conglomerate'?

a.  a large firm made up of several companies               

b. a device made up of several different metals

c. a person who has several different responsibilities          

d. None of above

Answer: - Option A


6.  An entrepreneur is:

a.  A person with good skills                                    b. A self-made businessmen

c. An employee                                                  d. A decent person

Answer: - Option B


7.  JRD Tata brought                   to India.

a.  commercial aviation                                            b. tata motors

c. First car                                                         d. First Locomitive

Answer: - Option A

8.  Under JRD Tata‟s Leadership the Company‟s assets Climb from……to……..

a.      68 cr to 5000 cr

b.      62 (620 million) to 10,000 (100 billion)

c.      54 cr to 7000 cr

d.      None of the above

Answer: - Option B

9.      Tata Steel become one of the earliest companies in India to have….

a.      A greatest Ambition

b.      A large Economic firm

c.      A dedicated human resource department

d.      A big joint of Industry

Answer: - Option C

10.   Sometime JRD Tata referred as………….

a.Emplyee‟s Boss

b.  Chairman‟s Chairman

c.  Strict Boss

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B


1.  Charitable or helpful person is called:

a.  Samaritan                                              b. An amputee

c. Charitable foundation                                 d. None of above

Answer: - Option A


2.  Who of the following played the role of nurse, doctor, provider & kin at once?

a.  Krishna                                                         b. JRD Tata

b.  Walter Dandy                                                 d. Gurmeet Singh

Answer: - Option D


3.  Gurmeet Singh used to visit.....

a.  abandoned patients                                           b. Poor students

c. Doctor & Nurses of hospital                                 d. None of above

Answer: - Option A


4.  Gurmeet Singh was...... years old

a.  40 years- old                                                  b. 60 years- old

c. 90 years old                                                 d. 20 years- old

Answer: - Option B


5.  Government hospital ward in Patna is how many years old? 

a. 90  

b. 190

c. 19                                                                

d. 15

Answer: - Option A


6.  Gurmeet Singh helps patient of.

a.  road side huts                                                 b. lawaris people on signals

c. a private hospital in patna                                   d. government hospital ward in Patna

Answer: - Option D


7.  How Much Monthly Earning Gurmeet singh‟s Brother give to Abandend Patient?

a.  10 Percent

b.  20 Percent

c.  15 Percent

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


8.  What is the Name of the hospital where Gurmeet Singh served?

a.  AIMS Hospital

b.  Patna Medical College and Hospital

c.  Bihar hospital

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B


9.      Gurmeet Singh has not been on a vacation for…..

a.  15 years

b.  17 years

c.  13 years

d.  20 years

Answer: - Option C


10.   Why was Manju Weeping on the Cold Floor?

a.  Because she has not Money

b.  Her husband left her alone

c.  She was bitten by a rat

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option C


11.   Farhan become an Amputee fortnight ago……

a.  Because he had surgery

b.  He wanted to be

c.  He was hit by a train near Patna

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option C


12.   What is the Name of the ward where Gurmmet Singh Served?

a.  Medical Ward

b.  Lawaris Ward

c.  ICU ward.

d.  Special ward

Answer: - Option B



a. Dangerous                                           b. Excellent

c. creepy                                                d. smooth

Answer: - Option A


1.  What is the meaning of “Contaminate‟?

a. To add something                                  b. To purify something

c. To filter a liquid                                      d. to make impure / to pollute something

Answer: - Option D


3. BAN is a........

a. Multifunctional company                            b. Non-government Organization

c. Non-profit Organization                              d. None of above

Answer: - Option C

4.  BAN is a non-profit organization devoted to certifying :

a.  e waste                                                         b. e - stewards

c. E waste recycler                                              d. Electronics production

Answer: - Option B

5.  How much of electronic waste is disposed and recycled properly. a. 10%   b. 15%

c. 17%                                                             d. 13%

Answer: - Option D

6.  According to wirefly survey how many cellphone go in the trash every year in theUS?

a.  200 Million

b.  50 Million

c.  100 Million

d.  20 Million

Answer: - Option C

7.  What is the Name of the villege where 82 Percentage tested positive for leadpoisoning?

a.  Yanstun

b.  Shnghay

c.  Guiyu

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option C

8.  Which organization provide certification for Recycler?

a.  Best Buy

b.  Basal Action Network (BAN)

c.  Government

d.  An NGO

Answer: - Option B

9.  What is the authentic retail option available for Recycling E-Waste?

a.  Best Buy

b.  Private Shops

c.  Any non-government organization

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


1.  Write the full form of the abbreviations: IQ, EQ, SQ.

a.  Intelligent quality, equal quality, same quality

b.  Intellig ence quotient, emotional quotient, situational quotient

c.  Intellectual quality, emotional quality, situational quality

d.  International quotient, equal quotient, same quotient

Answer: - Option B

2.  What is the meaning of HR department?

a.  Home Research                                      b. Human Research

c. Human Resource                                   d. Home Resource .

Answer: - Option C

3.  What is the meaning of the word prodigy....

a.  Talent person                                                 b. Child with Extraordinary talent

c. person of Hard work                                          d. Sacrifice

Answer: - Option B


4.  Students get good marks because of their…….

a.  IQ

b.  Strong Memory Power

c.  EQ

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B

5.  For the best result great-------- is mandatory

a.      Study

b.      Individual Work

c.      Team work

d.      None of the above

Answer: - Option C


6. The HR People realized, mistakes were happening when……

a.  People were selected based on their Marks

b.  People were selected based on their Talent

c.  People were selected based on their IQ

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option A


a. All India council of Medical sciences               b. All India institute of management studies

c. All India Institute of Medical Sciences              d. None of above

Answer: - Option C


1.  On the night of..... Arunima was on her way to Delhi from Lucknow.

a. 11 Oct.2011                                                   b. 11 Nov. 2011

c. 11 April,2011                                                  d. None of above

Answer: - Option C


2.  Name the academy started by Arunima Sinha.

a.  Shahid Chandrashekhar Azad Viklang Khel Academy b. Mahatma Gandhi Sports Academy

c. Mangal Pandey Viklang Khel Academy                      d. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Viklang Khel Academy

Answer: - Option A


3.  Arunima Sinha was awarded              in 2015.

a.  Bharat ratna                                                   b. Padmashri

c. Khel Ratna                                                     d. Padmabhushan

Answer: - Option B


4.      Arunima Sinha is the first Indian Amputee Who climb the……

a.  Himalaya

b.  Sahyadri

c.  Mount Evrest

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option C


5.      What was the name of the train through which Arunima Sinha Was travelling?

a.  Zelam Express

b.  Indain Express

c.  Lucknow Express

d.  Padmavati Express

Answer: - Option D

6.      How many days Arunima took to climb the Mount Everest?

a.  60 days

b.  52 days

c.  45 days

d.  30 days

Answer: - Option B


7.      Arunima Sinha was gifted a gold chain by whom……..

a.  Her father

b.  Her relatives

c.  Her mother

d.  She herself

Answer: - Option C

8.      Who was the first Amputee who climb the Mount Everest?

a.  Rhonda Graham

b.  Arunima Sinha

c.  Bachendri pal

d.  Nancy Pol

Answer: - Option A



1.      What was Anish‟s Mother‟s name?

a.  Vishnu

b.  Laxmi

c.  Sarla

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option C


2.      What was the Cause of Anish‟s Head Injury?

a.  Wearing earphones while Driving

b.  Talking on Mobile Phone while Driving.

c.  Not wearing helmet while driving

d.  Riding too fast…

Answer: - Option C


3.      Where did Anish complete his studies?

a.  England

b.  America

c.  Australia

d.  Scotland

Answer: - Option D


4.      Anish was Role model to……

a.  Everyone

b.  Vishnu

c.  Sarla

d.  None of the above

Answer: - Option B

5.      Anish Died after…….

a.  4.5 years

b.  3 years

c.  2 years

d.  1 years

Answer: - Option A



1.      Lal was the Chairman of…….

a.  World Company

b.  Global Corporation

c.  Multinational Company

d.  None of the Above

Answer: - Option B


2.      When Lal started an Organization……

a.  He was a Doer

b.  Mentor

c.  Leader

d.  Delegator

Answer: - Option D


3. is just like an orchestra conductor

A. A Delegator

b.  A Leader

c.  A Doer

d.  None of above

Answer: - Option B


4.  A Mentor means:

a.  a wise and trusted counselor or teacher

b.  a doer

c.  A person whom we cannot trust

d.  a cunning person

Answer: - Option A


5.  Doer to mentor is a story about:

a.  Mr. Pal

b.  Mr. Dakal

c.  Mr. Lal

d.  Mr. Shakal

Answer: - Option A


6.  Mr Lal was the chairman of which company?

a.  global corporation

b.  Infosys

c.  Reliance

d.  TCS

Answer: - Option A


Read the unseen passage below and select the appropriate answer to the question following the passage: Passage 1.

Our forests are important sources of natural wealth, covering one-fifth of country‟s land area. They supply the timber for the railways, buildings and furniture making. They also supply the fuel for cooking and the bamboo for papermaking, Medical herbs also comes from the forests.

In the older days our Wiseman and philosophers had their ashrams in the forests. These ashrams were centers of knowledge and learning. Those sages had done an excellent job of maintaining our forests, so we had wonderful forests.

Unfortunately, forests were ruthlessly cut down in the past few years. While the forests are disappearing, the demand for timber is growing. We must therefore protect and develop our forests. Vanamahotsav is an important step in this direction. It is observed for a week in July every year. During this week, lakhs of saplings are planted throughout the country. This is being done to restore our fast disappearing forests. Still, deforestation poses a serious threat to forests on the earth. Deforestation causes oil erosion, sudden floods and global morning.



1.      How do the forests help us?

a.      Forests give oxygen.

b.      Forests supply timber, fuel and herbs.

c.      Forests supply ashrams.

d.      Forests are disappearing.

Answer: option B.


2.      What were the Ashrams known for?

a.      They supplied timber.

b.      Ashrams are reasons for disappearing forests.

c.      Ashrams supplied fuel.

d.      Ashrams maintained forests.

Answer: option B.


3.      What efforts are taken in the month of July to restore the forests?

a.          Trees are cut in every July.

b.         Ashrams are built to protest the forests in every July.

c.          Vanamahotsav is celebrated in July every year.

d.         Timber is taken in every July.


4.      How does the deforestation causes?

a.      Ashrams are cut down.

b.      Deforestation causes oil erosion, sudden floods and global morning.

c.      It provides timber and herbs.

d.      Because it has natural wealth.

Passage 2.

It is a common belief that science is responsible for the frequent, highly destructive twentieth century wars. The last century witnessed two extremely disastrous globle wars. Even the debris of the first war had not been cleared when the second broke out. And this war proved more devastating than the first. It was towards the end of this war that Americans dropped atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki completely effacing the two towns from the world map. Since the twentieth century was also the age when science attained the highest stage of its development, a sucpician naturally creeps into the minds of the people that there is some vital co- relation between science and war.




1.  What is a common belief regarding sceince?

a.  That science is responsible for the frequent, highly destructive twentieth century wars.

b.  That it is devastating.

c.  That science is the reason for wars.

d.  That the wars are for science.

Answer: A


2.  Name the two towns which where the victims of the second world war?

a.  Mumbai and Colcatta

b.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki

c.  England and New York.

d.  None of the above

Answer: B


3.  What did Americans do towards the end of the Second World War?

a.  It stopped the war.

b.  It began the second world war.

c.  It dropped atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki

d.  None of the above

Answer: C


4.  Give a suitable title to the above passage.

a.  Second world war

b.  Preparation of atom bomb using science

c.  correlation between science and war.

d.  Science and its destruction impact

Answer: D

Choose the correctly spelt word from the list given below:

1.   ---------------

a.      noticable

b.      noticable

c.      noticeable

Answer: - Option C


2. ---------------

a.     Beaginning

b.     Beginning

c.       bigening

Answer: - Option B


3. ---------------

a.      Skillfuly

b.     Skilfully

c.      Skillfully

Answer: - Option C


4. --------------

a.      childs

b.      children

c.      childrens

Answer: - Option B


5. ----------------

a.      Happiness

b.      Happines

c.      happines

Answer: - Option A


6. -----------------

a.      Courageous

b.      Couragous

c.      courageus

Answer: - Option A


7. ------------------

a.      Alltogether

b.      Altogether

c.      Altogetheer

Answer: - Option A 8. ------------------

a.      Completely

b.      Complletely

c.      completelly

Answer: - Option A


9. -----------------

a.      Definiately

b.      Definitely

c.      definately

Answer: - Option B


10. ------------------

a.      greatful

b.      gratefull

c.      grateful

Answer: - Option C


11. -------------------

a.      Unique

b.      Unic

c.      uniqe

Answer: - Option A


12. --------------------

a.       Lefs

b.      Leafs

c.       leaves

Answer: - Option B


13. -----------------------

a.      Referred

b.      Refered

c.      reffered

Answer: - Option B



14. ----------------------

a.      Counsellor

b.      Counselor

c.        counsellor

Answer: - Option B


15. -----------------------

a.      Ninth

b.      Nineth

c.      nintth

Answer: - Option B


16. ------------------------

a.      Vacancys

b.      Vacancies

c.      vacancyes

Answer: - Option B


17. ----------------------

a.      Angriely

b.      Angrily

c.      angrilly

Answer: - Option B


18. ---------------------

a.      Beginner

b.      Beaginner

c.      begginer

Answer: - Option A


19. ----------------------

a.      Keys

b.      keyes

c.      keies

Answer: - Option A 20. ------------------

a.      Beautyful

b.      Beautiful

c.      Beautifull

Answer: - Option B 

Use correct words for the following sentences (words often confused)

1)  I            this award on the behalf of whole Maratha community.

a)  accept                            b) except

Answer: - Option A


2)  He was not         to telling lies.

a)  adverse                          b) averse

Answer: - Option B


3)  Sujata         him to go home.

a)  adviced                           b) advised

Answer: - Option B

4)  Carbon dioxide emission              the environment.

a)  effect                              b) affect

Answer: - Option B

5)  Ram tripped in the office‟s            

a)  aisle                               b) isle

Answer: - Option B

6)                   it was an excellent seminar

a)  All together                      b) Altogether

Answer: - Option A

7)  Soham approached the         where the priest stood.

a)  altar                               b) after

Answer: - Option A

8)  He sat             me

a)  beside                            b) besides

Answer: - Option A


9)  He climbed a              of banyan tree

a)  bow                               b) bough

Answer: - Option B


10)  I think this watch is            

a) brake                             b) broken

Answer: - Option B


11)  I bought a       handbag.

a) canvass                          b) canvas

Answer: - Option B


12)  Eminent people designed the      

a) coarse                            b) course

Answer: - Option B


13)  Last year I visited sahara            

a) desert                             b) dessert

Answer: - Option A

14)  I love to             music

a) here                               b) hear

Answer: - Option B


15)  I need a_              car

a)  new                               b) knew

Answer: - Option A


16)  It is my                   that municipal employees handle their jobs with great professionalism.

a. belief          b. bilief           c. belief          d. beleaf

Answer: - Option C


17)  My sister is going to be on the cover of Seventeen                        .

a. magazine    b. magazin      c. magezine    d. megazine

Answer: - Option A


18)  The sounding alarm signaled a                     in security.

a. breach        b. breche        c. broach        d. briech

Answer: - Option A


19)  For some reason, I                   a change in her attitude.

a. parceived    b. percaived    c. perceived    d. precieved

Answer: - Option C


20)  If you stay in the water too long, your fingertips will                       .

a. shrivel        b. shrival        c. shrevel        d. srivel

Answer: - Option A


21)  I just don‟t know what I would do in her                      

a. setuation      b. situation     c. situashun    d. sitiation

Answer: - Option B


22)  The caverns were so damp that my skin felt                      

a. clamby       b. clamy         c. clammy      d. clammby

Answer: - Option C


23)    It was a                   day for the annual picnic.

a. superb        b. supperb      c. supurb        d. sepurb

Answer: - Option A


24)    The first time Wendy drove her new car into town, all of her friends were               .

a. jellous         b. jealous        c. jealuse        d. jeolous

Answer: - Option B

25)  The opening night performance was so                     that the cast was given many extra curtain calls.

a. teriffic         b. terrific         c. tarrific         d. terific

Answer: - Option B


26)    To be elected            , candidates must have a solid background in law enforcement.

a. sherrif         b. sherriff        c. sheriff         d. shariff

Answer: - Option C


27)    Learning the words to all of Robert Frost‟s poetry has become an                    for Jonathan.

a. obssession  b. obcession    c. obsassion    d. obsession

Answer: - Option D


28)  Driving on icy roads can place you in                     

a. jeopardy      b. jeoperdy      c. jopardy       d. jeoperdy

Answer: - Option A


29)    Nora was awestruck by the                   mountain range in the national park.

a. magnifisint   b. magnifisent  c. magnificent  d. magnifficent

Answer: - Option C


30)    From inside the box came a strange                 sound.

a. mechinical   b. mechanecal c. mechanical  d. machanical

Answer: - Option C


31)  The agents were searching for                     cargo on the airplane.

a. elicite         b. elicit           c. illicit            d.illicit

Answer: - Option C


32)  There will be an immediate                 into the cause of the accident.

a. inquiry        b. inquiry        c. enquiry       d. enqiury

Answer: - Option C


33)  The contract for the teachers‟ union could not be                      before the school year ended.

a. terminated   b. tarminated   c. termineted   d. termanated

Answer: - Option A


34)  The Pilgrims came to America to escape religious                              .

a. persecution  b. prosecution  c. presecution  d. persecusion

Answer: - Option A


35)  The color she chose was a                  shade of blue.

a. peculier       b. paculiar       c. peculiar       d. piculear

Answer: - Option C

Select the correct words in the following sentences to replace the wrongly spelt underlined words in the following sentence (words often confused)


1.      The principle of the college was present for the meeting.

a.  principal           b. principol.

Answer: A


2.      The rein of Akbar was spectacular in history.

a.  principal           b. principol.

Answer: A


3.      A hoard of dacoits looted the village.

a.  herd                b. heard.

Answer: A


4.      They had morning in their house at the death of their mother.

a.  mourning          b. maurning.

Answer: A


5.      We salute our army personal.

a.  personnal         b. personnel.

Answer: B


6.      No deserts were served after the dinner.

a.  desserts           b. dessarts.

Answer: A


7.      I do not know weather my dad will come or not.

a.  wheater           b. whether.

Answer: B


8.      The goods train is stationery.

a.  stationary         b. satationery.

Answer: A


9.      Ram is very week.

a.  week               b. weak.

Answer: B


10.   My new home is very specious.

a.  species            b. spacious.

Answer: B


11.   The soldiers show a lot of metal during wars.

a.  mental             b. mettle.

Answer: B

Use correct collocations to complete the following sentences:

1)  Mother said to daughter               

A)  Have a good time                                             c) do nothing

B)  Keep a diary                                                  d) take a look

Answer: - Option A

2)  My father advised me to            since the beginning of career.

A)  have a good time                                             c) do nothing

B)  keep a diary                                                   d) take a look

Answer: - Option B

3)  Students fail in exam as they                         

A)  have a good time                                             c) do nothing

B)  keep a diary                                                   d) take a look

Answer: - Option C

4)  Prof patil               at the students.

A)  have a good time                                             c) do nothing

B)  keep a diary                                                   d) take a look

Answer: - Option D

5)  We need to                with latest technology.

A)  take a break                                                   c) do your best

B)  keep in touch                                                  d) break the law

Answer: - Option B

6)  Let‟s                 for an hour.

A)  take a break                                                   c) do your best

B)  keep in touch                                                  d) break the law

Answer: - Option A

7)  If you             the law, you will be punished.

A)  take a break                                                   c)do your best

B)  keep in touch                                                  d)break the law

Answer: - Option D

8)  You_                to win the match.

A)  take a break                                                   c) do your best

B)  keep in touch                                                  d) break the law

Answer: - Option C

9)  Difficult time always                  of a person.

A)  save electricity                                                 c) take an exam

B)  out of time                                                     d) do nothing

Answer: - Option C


10)  It is our responsibility to                

A)  save electricity                                                 c) take an exam

B)  out of time                                                     d) do nothing

Answer: - Option A

Select appropriate meaning for the following collocations:

01.  „Crocodile tears‟ means:

a. A real crocodile crying                                       b. insincere tears / crying

c. Honest and true crying                                       d. A man crying

Answer: - Option B


02.  „A piece of cake‟ means:

a. A cake cut into pieces                                        b. A cake yet to be cut

c. Very easy work                                                d. A very difficult work

Answer: - Option C


03.  Meaning of the collocation „To take notes‟ means

a. to take money                                                 b. to show money to someone

c. to note down something                                     d. to put money safely

Answer: - Option C


04.  Meaning of the collocation „Come into view‟ means

a. to see                                                           b. to come again

c. to check for details                                            d. to come in limit of sight

Answer: - Option D


05.  Meaning of the collocation „to Get ready‟ means

a. to be ready for something                                   b. to come again

c. to check for details                                            d. to come in limit of sight

Answer: - Option A


06.  Meaning of the idiom „Blessing in disguise‟ means

a. Not getting any blessings                                   b. Getting blessings very late

c. something not seen as good initially                d. Something never proven as good

Answer: - Option C


07.  Meaning of the idiom „Cry over spilt milk‟ means

a. Save milk from spilling                                       b. Not care about spilt milk

c. really cry over spilt milk                                      d. Complaint about a loss

Answer: - Option D


08.  Meaning of the idiom „A man of letters‟ means

a. A man receiving a lot of letters                              b. A man not caring about any letters

c. A well-read man                                               d. A man not receiving any letters

Answer: - Option C


09.  „Castles in the air‟ means:

a. Imaginary schemes                                             b. A lot of castles seen in the air

c. airy castles                                                     d. a castle full of air

Answer: - Option A


10. Break the ice

a. to break ice with hammer                          b. to stop talking

c. to break silence                                     d. to stop thinking

Answer: - Option C

12.   Catch a cold/catch cold

a. to get affected by cold                              b. to take ice in hand

c. to catch cold water                                  d. to ask for cold water

Answer: - Option A


13.   Catch sight of

a. to see someone                                     b. to look outside

c. to look at someone suddenly                     d. to catch someone‟s attention

Answer: - Option C


14.   Catch fire

a. begin to burn                                        b. to light something

c. take fire in hands                                    d. to add fuel to fire

Answer: - Option A


15.   Catch someone‟s attention

a. look at someone                                    b. to cause one to become interested in something

c. to see off someone                                 d. to have an unpleasant event

Answer: - Option B


16.   Come to the point

a. to come to main idea of discussion              b. to point at someone

c. to speak for no reason                              d. to draw a point on paper

Answer: - Option A


17.   Run out of time

a. running in a race in time                           b. having a lot of time

c. do something in time                               d. having no time left for something

Answer: - Option A


18.   Have a good time

a. having a lot of time                                 b. having no time

c. having a pleasurable time                         d. having a bad time

Answer: - Option C


19.   Keep a diary

a. to keep a diary in bag                              b. always write something in a diary

c. to keep records of something                     d. none of the above

Answer: - Option C

20.   Get the message

a. sending a message                                b. searching for a message

c. receiving a message in mobile                   d. to receive a message and understand it.

Answer: - Option D


21.   Get nowhere

a. make no progress                                  b. get out of place

c. sit at one place                                      d. none of the above

Answer: - Option A

22.   Keep cool

a. to keep something cool for a long time          b. keep something in a fridge

c. to remain calm                                      d. none of the above.

Answer: - Option C


23.   Keep an appointment

a. to take an appointment                            b. to appoint someone

c. to follow an appointment                          d. to meet someone at an agreed time

Answer: - Option D


24.   Draw your attention to

a. to draw a diagram with attention                 b. to do something so that we get attention of someone

c. to do some important work                        d. to draw a good painting

Answer: - Option B


25.  Save time

a. to be in time                                          b. to work effectively and save time

c.to be a timely person                                d. to look at time

Answer: - Option A


Complete the following idioms using the options given below:

1)  A hot        

a)  banana                                                         c) potato

b)  mango                                                          d) rice

Answer: - Option C


2)  Action        louder than words.

a)  listens                                                          c) reads

b)  hears                                                           d) speaks

Answer: - Option D


3)  Add insult to       

a)  pain                                                             c) insult

b)  human                                                          d) pride

Answer: - Option A


4)  Ball is in your      

a)  yard                                                             c) pool

b)  ground                                                          d) court

Answer: - Option D


5)  One can‟t judge a book by its           

a)  page                                                            c) cover

b)  text                                                              d) paragraph

Answer: - Option C


6)  Every                has silver lining.

a)  star                                                              c) sky

b)  planet                                                           d) cloud

Answer: - Option D

7)  Once in a blue      

a)  sky                                                              c) water

b)  dress                                                            d) moon

Answer: - Option D


8)  Born with silver        in mouth.

a)  ball                                c) spoon

b)  spark                             d) line

Answer: - Option C


9)  Grass is always        on other side.

a)  tall                                 c) dry

b)  short                              d) green

Answer: - Option D


10)  Make a              out of molehill.

A) rock                               c) hill

b)  mountain                         d) stalk

Answer: - Option C



Select appropriate answer for the following questions

1.  Public speaking is addressing a gathering.

a) True                                         b) False

Answer: Option A


2.  Public speaking is only verbal activity.

a) True                                         b) False

Answer: Option B


3.  Which of these should be avoided for an effective speech?

a)  Determination of the purpose             c) Lack of interest

b)  Selection of message                      d) Selection of theme

Answer: Option C


4.  Which of these factors is not required to determine the purpose of speech?

a)  Providing information                     c) Accepting ideas

b)  Discouragement                           d) Entertainment

Answer: Option B


5.  Which of these ingredients is not required for selection of theme?

a)  Planning                                   c) Preparation

b)  Disorganization                            d) Organization

Answer: Option B


6.  Which of these should be avoided for an effective speech?

a)  Planning of speech                       c) Long sentences

b)  Preparation of speech                     d) Organization

Answer: Option C

7.  Which of these should be avoided during the delivery of a speech?

a)  Confidence                                 c) Pauses

b)  Clarity                                      d) Rudeness

Answer: Option D


8.  Which of these is not a type of public speech?

a)  Short speech                              c) Written speech

b)  Informal speech                            d) Professional speech

Answer: Option B


9.  What is the maximum time for a short speech?

a) Ten minutes                               b) Thirty minutes

c) Forty- five minutes                        d) One hour

Answer: Option A


10.  Which of these does not come under short speech?

a) Introducing dignitaries                     b) Presenting reports

c) Giving a briefing                           d) Presenting an action

Answer: Option B




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