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Hello Students, Welcome to Mypractically.Here today I give you English Subject Code - (22101) Practical Manual Answer 100% Free without any cost.This post is very beneficial for all branch 1st semester.

So, students I give you Pdf of English Answer.Here,Our team give you some practical answer.

Students, I upload total 12+ practical Manual Answer of English Subject Code - (22101) in Pdf. 

Subject Name - English

Subject Code - 22101

Branches - All

Year - 1st

Semester - 1st

Diploma Msbte Practical Manual Answer.

List of Practical No. & Name given below.

1. Sentences using correct articles.

2. Sentences using correct prepositions.

3. Sentences using correct conjunctions/connectors.

4. Active and passive voice.

5. Sentences using direct and indirect speech.

6. Sentences using relevant form of verbs.

7. Word repetition after listening to them.

8. Presentation using correct grammar.

9. Short paragraphs emphasizing on syntax.

10. Dialogues on various situations.

12. Sentences using idioms.

14. Sentences using different collocations.

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